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Language Courses and Volunteering
in Latin America

 EXIS organizes volunteer work in Latin America where people from all over the world meet.

Volunteer work in Latin America

Volunteering is a unique way to grow as person and at the same time experience the local culture and its people up close. You can teach schoolkids, buddhist monks or street children. You can take care of elephants in Sri Lanka, work at an orphanage, hospital, HIV-clinic or concentrate on environmental issues, human rights issues and a whole lot more.

To participate you must be independent and outgoing, at least 18 years of age and have a sincere wish to work as a volunteer. You must expect the unexpected and be flexible and positive. This is not just a holiday. But it can be a unique experience that will give you the opportunity to learn, meet new friends and make a difference with your volunteer work.

EXIS offers volunteer stays in the following Latin American countries:

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