Tilbage til projekt-oversigt

Feedback from Vietnam


Below you can read what former EXIS volunteers in Vietnam says about their stays there.

As I embarked on my final flight home from Vietnam, I thought of the wonderful journey I have had and how it has changed my life in ways unimaginable.

When hearing the word ‘Vietnam’ some people will think of war and poverty, yet a country this beautiful and welcoming resembles no such conditions, with stunning coastlines, spectacular country sides, striking mountains and incredibly warm welcoming people willing to share their outstanding culture. Vietnam is a country of beauty and excitement.

As my journey began I noticed the intense rain that had begun and the storm, this was the time of the wet season in Vietnam, July. The streets were experiencing heavy flooding and traffic with lightning thunder striking from above. However, the scent of the air was pleasant; a faint mixture of sweat and sour flavours and spices blending with the immense humidity of the air.

The volunteering house was a good accommodation for all the volunteers and had an amazing set of staffs working there. The volunteers residing at the house were of many different nationalities and were of great influence and encouragement as they all had amazing personalities.

The food in Vietnam is simply amazing as nothing goes to waste and everything looks exciting. The traditional Vietnamese dish is Pho which is a delicious bowl of rice noodle soup combined with meat and herbs.
Having great sets of students made my job as a teaching volunteer much easier at the school, even though the primary school children were the toughest to teach it was certainly the best part of the day.

Vietnam has a lot to offer and welcomes anyone who is willing to have a great journey and to share and cherish those amazing memories with the world.

– Arman