Tilbage til projekt-oversigt

Feedback from South Africa

Below you can read what former EXIS volunteers in South Africa says about their stays there.

My stay in South Africa was a success. I worked during one week at a children’s hospital, but this was psychologically too hard for me. I didn’t get the feelling og being useful. This type of work is probably more suitable for people with mor eexperience. The coordinator was very understanding and found me another workplace. I loved volunteering at a school! It was a very rewarding human experience. I would like to thank EXIS for this stay.

The local coordinator was a big help!


Hey there in Denmark!

I’ve arrived in South Africa, and it’s wonderful. I live with a really nice girl in a suburb of Cape Town, a nice area.

I’ve started at the language school to learn English… It’s not the best tuition, I think I learn more by just talking to the South Africans. But I’ve met 3 German girls at the school, with whom I’ve talked a great deal, which is excellent.

Yesterday I was at the theatre and at a restaurant, with the girl I live with and some of her friends. It was cozy and luckily she’s only about 30 years old, which means we have a good time together.

Today we were at the transplant-museum at a hospital, together with the class from school, where the world’s first hear transplant was done. It was really interesting.

Tomorrow I’m off to the beach all day – it’ll be good, it’s been really hot today. The first couple of days it wasn’t so hot here, but with summer around the corner, it’ll get much warmer here…!