Tilbage til projekt-oversigt

Feedback from Peru

Below you can read what former EXIS volunteers in Peru says about their stays there.

Hi Exis!
I haven’t returned home yet, I got hooked on travelling and am now in Argentina. My stay in Cusco was fabulous, it was one of the best things I’ve ever tried! The school was good, the small classes meant that one got intensive tuition, so I learned a lot. It’s also good to know some Spanish when one, like I do now, travel around Latin America. Really good. My family was incredibly nice, considerate and mindful. Next to that I had a host brother, Carlos, who was really nice. He arranged trips, parties and took me along. Cusco in itself is a perfect town to be in, it’s not too big, quiet, a lot of sights and a super night life.

My volunteer work at the children’s clinique was also very exciting, I saw things I’d never seen before and learned quite a lot. I felt horrible having to leave the kids. All in all I’ll give you an A plus for the 2 months in Cusco, it was superb. Thanks for all your help!


So now I’ve returned after 6 great weeks in Peru. I had an incredibly nice journey and I don’t think it’ll be long before I’ll go over there again. I am sure that I lived in the best place and my family was quite fantastic.

I just wanted to let you know that I have been so happy with your organisation and I do not understand that I never travelled through you before! Thanks for all your assistance before the trip.

Lotte, Denmark