Tilbage til projekt-oversigt

Feedback from Kenya

Below you can read what former EXIS volunteers in Kenya says about their stays there.

Overall staying in Kenya has been a great experience! I have enjoyed staying at your place, and meeting the other volunteers – it was very nice to see some friendly and known faces, when we met some of them in Mombasa.

The safari too was great! We could have wished for more and clearer information, about the safari though. So that we could have had a chance to prepare and pack for the exact destinations and accommodations, but in the end everything at the safari was amazing.

The stay at the Skt. Monica’s Children’s’ home has been of the most amazing experiences in my entire life. The children are just wonderful human beings and I will miss all of them.
I have learned a lot about both my Danish culture and the Kenyan culture.

I have sometimes been surprised about Denmark and Kenya being very close, and sometimes I have been chocked about the differences. It was especially chocking to find out that the staff at Skt. Monica’s uses violent physical punishment to discipline the children. They try to hide it for us, but one day we found one of the smallest girls almost hyperventilating from pain from a punishment.

In Denmark it is regarded as child abuse and it is illegal. It is regarded as one of the lowest actions and no one respects child abusers. I recognize the gap between cultures and I am and was prepared to expect the unexpected – even to accept it, but child abuse can never be accepted!

The accommodations have been much better then expected, even though some breakfasts have been very poor!

Mai, participated in the Summer Program

Staying at Cecilia’s doing voluntary work in Kenya’s largest city, truly has been a delight.

She has in many ways managed to give great, useful guidance (almost parental) and still leaving a lot to own initiative.
Cecilia has a great network that allows you to choose between several jobs.

I think I speak of many volunteers when I say, that you are guaranteed to work among true fire souls.
Cecilia has become more than a host, and I don’t think this is my last stay at my African friend.

Oska Alexander

My name is Charlotte and I am a 20 year old girl from Denmark. I work in a slum area called Pumwani as a school teacher and as a football coach. When the children are smiling and they come running towards me saying:
“Are we gonna play football today”

I know that all the hard work and energy I have put into this project is all worth it. After a day at work it is nice to come home to Cecilia, our “mama” of the house – who is always ready to help you in any situation – and to see the other volunteers and hear about there experiences of the day…

“Hakuna Matata” is the laid back lifestyle of Afrika that on one hand makes Kenya a place where where the people are happy and flexible and almost everything is possible. On the other hand, Kenya is also a perfect example of the “african time” which can truly push your patience to the limit.

Therefore it is important with af positive mind and a good portion of humour to see the real charm of africa. And let me tell you the truth: Nothing is like i expected! But after being here for one month I have realized that the work as a volunteer in Kenya is even better than I thought.