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Learn French in France

EXIS has more than 30 years of experience in arranging French Courses in Rambouillet, France.

French Course in France

If you want to learn to speak French as the French, the best thing is to follow lessons in France. EXIS has been sending students to an international language school in Rambouillet, 40 km. west of Paris, for more than 30 years. This school offers professional language courses, various forms of accommodation, great surroundings and optional activities, all at a reasonable price.

The school

The international language school is located at only 3 minutes walk from the train station in the beautiful town of Rambouillet, 40 km. from Paris.

Since the founding of the school, more than 70.000 international students from 91 different countries have followed French lessons at this school, which previously was located in a castle. Unfortunately, the castle needed intensive renovation, so in 2017 the school moved into the centre of Rambouillet.


The teaching is done entirely in French, which is the perfect way to make quick progress. In the beginning it may seem overwhelming, if you are used to a different educational system, but results are compelling. No boring repetitions or learning by heart. You will learn to communicate in French, understand Frenchmen and get to know how to say things like the French do – and why. On the first day at school, all students are tested, as students follow lessons according to their level, not their age or nationality.

During summers, there are special summer courses for young people, between 13 and 17 years.

The Courses

Standard course
You can follow a standard course with 20 lessons per week.

Lessons are from 9.00 o’clock to 13.00. There are maximum 12 students in a group.

Combination course (20 + 4)
If you want to follow even more intensiv tuition, you can add 4 individual lessons per week. Teaching during these lessons will be exactly adapted to your needs.

Summer courses for 13 to 17 year olds
From beginning of July to the second week of August, the school organizes special course for teenagers, with 20 group lessons per week, combined with various activities, for example:

  • Full day excursion to Paris, with guide
  • Half-day excursion, for example to the castle of Versailles, Maintenon or the Cathedral of Chartres.
  • Walks or bike rides in the woods with the opportunity for tree climbing
  • Afternoon activities, such as fitness classes, badminton, swimming or cooking
  • Evening activities such as barbecues, disco, movies, sports and karaoke.

Participants will be picked up from the Rambouillet train station on Sunday and accommodated in a special campus.
All students will be tested upon arrival and follow French classes at the level they need. Full board, excursions, free WIFI connection and 24-hour help and guidance from staff are included. Departure is on Sundays.

You are supposed to arrive in Rambouillet on a Sunday between 10.00 and 20.00 o’clock. If you cannot find a flight with arrival on a Sunday, it is possible to be accommodated from Saturday afternoon instead. One extra night costs 70 Euros. Teaching begins Monday morning, with an oral and written language test, after which students are allocated a group corresponding to their French levels.

Arrival dates 2017
For participants without knowledge of French:
8.1, 5.3, 2.4, 3.7, 7.8, and 1.10.2017

For participants with knowledge of French:
8.1, 5.2, 19.2, 5.3, 19.3, 2.4, 9.4, 8.5, 21.5, 4.6, 18.6, 2.7, 16.7, 6.8, 20.8, 3.9, 17.9, 1.10, 15.10, 5.11, 19.11 and 3.12 2017.

Teenage summer courses:
2.7, 9.7, 16.7, 23.7, 30.7, 6.8, and 13.8.2017

Fees and enrolment – France

A: Accommodation in shared room in the residence
B: Accommodation in single room in the residence
C: Private accommodation in a single room with a French host family with breakfast and dinner.

Standard course, 20 lessons per week

WeeksFee AFee BFee C
1Euro 630Euro 730Euro 710
2Euro 1160Euro 1360Euro 1320
3Euro 1690Euro 1990Euro 1930
4Euro 2220Euro 2620Euro 2540
5Euro 2750Euro 3099Euro 3099
6Euro 3279Euro 3699Euro 3699
7Euro 3809Euro 4299Euro 4299
8Euro 4339Euro 4899Euro 4899
9Euro 4869Euro 5499Euro 5499
10Euro 5099Euro 6098Euro 6098
11Euro 5599Euro 6698Euro 6698
12Euro 5619Euro 6818Euro 7178

Combination courses, 20+4 lessons per week

WeeksFee AFee BFee C
1Euro 840Euro 940Euro 920
2Euro 1580Euro 1780Euro 1740
3Euro 2320Euro 2620Euro 2560
4Euro 3059Euro 3459Euro 3379
5Euro 3699Euro 4199Euro 4199
6Euro 4419Euro 5019Euro 5019
7Euro 5139Euro 5838Euro 5838
8Euro 5858Euro 6658Euro 6658
9Euro 6578Euro 7478Euro 7478
10Euro 7298Euro 8298Euro 8298
11Euro 7578Euro 8677Euro 9007
12Euro 8258Euro 9457Euro 9817

Teenage summer courses

WeeksFee (A)
1Euro 850
2Euro 1600
3Euro 2350
4Euro 3099


For longer stays, please ask [email protected] for fees.

Please note

There are no classes during the following French official holidays:
1.1, 17.3, 1.5, 8.5, 5.6, 14.7, 15.8, 1.11 and 11.11.2017.

The school is closed from 25.12 2017 to 7.1 2018.

Included in the fees


Accommodation and board as selected


Language Test

Teaching Materials


The following is not included in the fees:

  • Travel expences
  • Use of washing machine


You can chose between accommodation in a residence or with a host family.

Accommodation in a residence
The school offers accommodation in a lovely residence, where you can choose between single and double rooms. If you choose this type of accommodation, you are close to shopping possibilities, social activities and close to other students.
All rooms have a small kitchen, shower/toilet and TV. You can use the washing machines and the fitness area downstairs. You can choose to go shopping just opposite the residence and cook your own meals, or you can eat at local restaurants. WIFI connection is free of charge.

Accommodation with a host family
The other accommodation option is to stay with a French family. Living with a French host family provides more intensive language learning and is a good way to get a really close look into French culture. If you choose this form of accommodation, you will get a single room. Most families are located at typically 10-20 minutes from school. Breakfast and dinner are included. Not all host families have free WIFI connection.

Nice to know

Town and leisure
Rambouillet is a small town with about 27,000 inhabitants, a 30 minutes train ride from Paris. In Rambouillet you will find typical French bars, restaurants, bistros and shops.

There are good opportunities for running, horseback riding, walking or even tree-climbing in the surrounding forests.

The school regularly arranges optional activities such as trips to Paris, Chartres, Versailles, Chambord, Giverny or walks in the forest, meetings with French locals who talk about their professions, such as wine farmers or painters. Most activities are for free, others are at net prices.

Upon receipt of your registration form EXIS sends a travel guide with tips on how to get from the airport to Rambouillet, or how to drive to Rambouillet by car. Should you prefer to be picked up from Charles de Gaulle or Orly airport, we can arrange a taxi to pick you for up. The fare is 160 Euros each way.

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