EXIS is your ticket to put together a different kind of travel experience

EXIS got started in 1982 with restlessness and an urge to ramble – before globalisation was a household word and the world could be Googled in five seconds.

EXIS made sure nearly 30 years ago that Danish au pairs could drink tea on the High Street in London – and now offers unique language study and voluntary work on five continents. You can probably still be an au pair, but a lot of travellers think it is just as exciting to tend elephants in Sri Lanka, help out at an orphanage in Costa Rica, work with Masai women in Tanzania, teach English to young Buddhist monks in Thailand or work on conservation in the Grand Canyon, USA.

EXIS’ philosophy is still the same – to make it possible for you to satisfy your curiosity and thirst for adventure. We work with partners all over the world to build the most secure starting gate for unique experiences – and you take it from there! Forget all about the world getting smaller. It’s bigger than ever and right within your reach.

Join the world… it’s yours!

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